Win32 Programming Features for Windows NT and Windows 95 by Marshall Brain

Series Overview

The following is an index of the material presented in this series:



To compile the code in these tutorials under Visual C++ Version 2.x, take the following steps:

  1. Start Visual C++. Close all files and projects if any are open.
  2. Choose the New option in the File menu. Create a new Project.
  3. In the Project Type combo box choose Console Application. Type in the name of the project and create a new directory if you like. Click the OK button to create the project.
  4. You will see a "Project Files" dialog. Close it.
  5. Select the New option in the Files menu again. This time create a new code/text file. Type the source code into this file. Save the file and make sure you give it a CPP extension.
  6. Select the Files option in the Project menu. Add the new code file to the project.
  7. Choose the Build option in the Project menu, and then Execute