My field is statistics, epidemiology and public heatlth with specific interest in genetic analysis of complex traits especially Omics-Analysis. I am working with the SCALLOP consortium following work on design and analysis for Whitehall II, ELSA, EPIC-Norfolk, Fenland, InterAct, NSHD and Framingham. The EPIC-Norfolk genomewide association study contributed to consortia such as GIANT and CHARGE therefore myself as a highly cited researcher. My recent contribution was to The COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative through The INTERVAL study.


I am a member of the Royal Statistical Society (My RSS) and here are my biosketch and ResearchGate profile. I served as an associate editor for The Scientific World Journal until July 2017 and now as an associate editor (login) for Frontiers in Genetics (blog network, Frontiers impact factors and profile) after about ten years as a review editor. Over years I have also been an occasional reviewer for the Lancet.