Proteome and transcriptome


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DOGMA is a program for fast and easy quality assessment of transcriptome and proteome data based on conserved protein domains. See


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PROPERseqTools and database

Johnson, K.L. et al. Revealing protein-protein interactions at the transcriptome scale by sequencing. Molecular Cell.

ProteomeXchange, also PRotein IDEntification databases (PRIDE):


# In silico benchmark.
install_github("CCprofiler/CCprofiler", ref =  "proteoformLocationMapping")
R --no-save -q < InterlabBenchmark_final_paper.R
# COPF analysis of the cell cycle SEC-SWATH-MS dataset
## E1709051521_feature_alignment.tsv
wget -qO- | \

Bludau I. et al. Systematic detection of functional proteoform groups from bottom-up proteomic datasets. Nat Comm 2021, 12:3810