Stata programs by Jing Hua Zhao

The following is for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium exact test.

program stata_snphwe, plugin using ("stata\_snphwe.plugin")
/*an testing example for Stata*/
input all_aa all_ab all_bb
1 2 3
10 20 30
100 200 300
qui gen p=.
forval i=1/`_N' {
         local aa=all_aa[`i']
         local ab=all_ab[`i']
         local bb=all_bb[`i']
        qui genhwi `aa' `ab' `bb'
        qui replace p=r(p_exact) in `i'
qui gen p_exact=.
plugin call stata_snphwe all_aa all_ab all_bb p_exact

The C code below is contained in stata_snphwe.c. It works on summary genotype data and for one genome-wide association analysis it would take 30-node Linux cluster 40 days with genhw but only within an hour using this code. A SAS counterpart has also been implemented.

I have also used C to connect MySQL as is shown (in and connect_to_mysql.c) here.

Date last changed 22/10/2012