Some presentations on R, genetics and statistical computing

2011 useR! 2011 Mixed models of large pedigrees in genetic association studies
2010 useR! 2010 Genetic analysis of complex traits (flyer, slides, files, Kaleidoscope I presentation)
2009 useR! 2009 Genome-wide Association Studies (flyer, slides, files, Association Studies 2 presentation)
2008 useR! 2008 Analysis of Complex Traits Using R: Case Studies (slides, exercise, files, Some perspectives of graphical methods for genetic data presentation)
2007 useR! 2007 Use of R in Genetic Association Studies and a revised version of gap: genetic analysis package. J Stat Soft 2007; 23(8):1-18

Shandong University, China, Design and Analysis of Genetic Study of Complex Traits

1993-1997 Practical Guide to Statistical Packages 

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