Practical Guides to Statistical Packages (1993-1997)

© Copyright 1997-8 J Zhao

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Cover and Table of Contents (PDF)

Preface (PDF)

Part I. Some preparations

Chapter 1. An Overview (PDF)

Chapter 2. A General Introduction to Statistics (PDF)

Chapter 3. Fundamentals of Practical Computing (PDF)

Part II. General-purpose packages

Chapter 4. SAS (PDF)

Chapter 5. SPSS/PC+ (PDF)

Chapter 6. BMDP (PDF)

Chapter 7. Systat (PDF)

Chapter 8. Stata (PDF)

Chapter 9. S-Plus (PDF)

Chapter 10. Minitab (PDF)

Chapter 11. Genstat (PDF)

Part III. Specialized packages

Chapter 12. MicroTSP (PDF)

Chapter 13. GLIM (PDF)

Chapter 14. LISREL (PDF)

Chapter 15. Epi Info (PDF)

Part IV. Data and graphhics management and word processing

Chapter 16. Data Management (PDF)

Chapter 17. High-resolution Graphics (PDF)

Chapter 18. Word Procesing (PDF)

References and Information (PDF)

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