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The associate R program generates the gaw14.dot files which are converted to .pdf by graphviz/Gvedit.

Source Raw data dot program dot diagram fdp diagram
GAW14 gaw14.pre gaw14.dot dot.pdf fdp.pdf
Packages Comments
Bundle: CGR (Windows version)
Version: 1.0-5
Date: 2006-5-22
Title: Classic Genetics in R
Author: Jing hua Zhao in collaboration with other colleagues
BundleDescription: This is an experimental package bundle based on the R packages
  pathmix and pointer.
License: Programs included in this package by Jing hua Zhao will be under
  GPL. Specific requirement may be possible for programs written by
  other authors.
Name: kinship (Windows version)
Version: 1.1.4
Date: 2012-10-15
Title: mixed-effects Cox models, sparse matrices, and modeling data from
  large pedigrees
Author: Beth Atkinson (atkinson@mayo.edu) for pedigree functions.
  Terry Therneau (therneau@mayo.edu) for all other functions.
Depends: survival, nlme, lattice
Description: coxme: general mixed-effects Cox models; kinship: routines to
  create and manipulate n by n matrices that describe the
  genetic relationships between n persons; pedigree: create and
  plot pedigrees; bdsmatrix: a class of objects for sparse
  block-diagonal matrices (which is how kinship matrices are stored);
  gchol: generalized cholesky decompositions.
License: GPL (>=2)

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